Our Mission

Founders Jerrold Pellizzon and Dennis Manning are united by their passion to find answers to today's environmental challenges caused by methane, which is far worse than CO2 in its ability to damage our environment.

But unlike other solutions to the methane problem, their goal goes beyond neutralizing the problem. They want to make solving the methane problem not only good for the planet but good for business.

PlasMerica's technologies do exactly that. It's the first technology of its kind that converts dirty, damaging methane into sustainable, renewable and marketable propane.

Latest News

Plasmerica wins the prestigious 2019 "Innovation Award" from the World LPG Association (WLPGA). The award recognizes PlasMerica’s paper describing its innovative technology enabling the transformation of methane into environmentally renewable propane.

“The highly prestigious WLPGA Global Innovation Award is given each year to the most outstanding paper submitted to the GTC,” said James Rockall, CEO, WLPGA. “The innovative new technology developed by PlasMerica addresses a subject of prime importance today to the LPG industry, which is the path towards renewable LPG, production of LPG from methane and eventually bioLPG from Biomethane.”

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