Our patent-pending, proven technology can change environmentally methane, a damaging greenhouse gas (GHG), into non-greenhouse gases.

The technology utilizes a process that is non-catalytic, single step, low-temperature, and low-pressure without requiring additional reactants or creating undesirable byproducts.

  • Natural Gas is typically 90% Methane. CNG is Methane gas at high pressure
  • LNG is Methane in liquid form at low temperatures.
  • LPG is Propane and Butane, completely different molecules than Methane.
  • CNG and LNG are not Propane or LPG.
  • Unlike other methods of handling methane that either pressure or cool, PlasMerica converts methane into Propane/LPG through molecular growth.

Technology Checklist

To meet the market’s requirements for clean energy, the technology must meet the following requirements:

  1. The technology must be economically viable to remain sustainable in the market. YES.
  2. The process must be able to comply with all regulatory requirements. YES.
  3. The technology must be scalable and deployable into the market. YES.
  4. There must be a market need or significant value incentive. YES.
    • Environmental push to reduce methane (GHG) venting and flaring.¬†YES.
    • LPG and Autogas create demand for sustainable, renewable and bio-based propane. YES.

Only PlasMerica’s patent-pending technology provides sustainable, renewable propane produced through cost effective energy transformation processes.